Mandy Draeger

Address: Petaluma, CA 94954

E-mail: · Phone: (650) 207-4107



Seeking a position as a creative developer for video games.






Adobe Photoshop

Sketchbook Pro

Final Cut Pro

Microsoft Office


Crystal Dynamics Tool

TFB Tool


Operating Systems:

Mac OS X



Artistic Skills:

Fine arts (drawing, painting, sculpting)

Digital Painting


Concept/Character development and design

Modeling (Maya/Zbrush)

Texturing (Maya/Photoshop/Zbrush)




Associate Designer/Cinematic Scripter at Toys for Bob, Novato, CA                   [Jan. 2013-Aug. 2014]

Designed villain challenge levels and worked with the cinematics and animation team scripting over 60 cinematics for Skylanders: Trap Team.

QA Lead at Toys for Bob, Novato, CA                                                                      [Mar. 2012-Aug. 2012]

Quality Assurance, PS3 Lead, and helped assist development team with character hat placement on “Skylanders: Giants”. (Wii/360/PS3)


Freelance Artist for EndBossGames LLC., San Francisco, CA                               [Aug. 2011-Oct. 2012]

Textured characters and objects, created artwork for UI, created promotional artwork, created App Icon, and the logo for “Chicken Rescue” on iOS. Created concept art for characters, modeled and textured characters, and model clean-up on various other projects.


QA Tester at Perfect World Entertainment Inc., Foster City, CA                             [Feb. 2011-Apr. 2012]

Quality Assurance and Localization on “Forsaken World” and “Rusty Hearts”.(PC)


QA Tester at Crystal Dynamics, Redwood City, CA                                                  [Apr. 2009-Oct. 2010]

Quality Assurance on “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light” for Eidos/Square Enix Europe and Crystal Dynamics. (360/PS3/PC)


Digital Asset Manager & QA Tester at Crystal Dynamics, Redwood City, CA        [Apr. 2008-Jan. 2010]

Digital asset management, modeling, texturing, QA Tech and other Maya/3D Studio Max work on “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light” for Eidos/Square Enix Europe and Crystal Dynamics. PS3 Assistant Lead on “Tomb Raider: Underworld”, QA Tech on “Tomb Raider Underworld” (360/Wii/PS2/DS), Assistant Lead on “Beneath The Ashes” (360 DLC for TR:U), QA Tech on “Lara’s Shadow” (360 DLC for TR:U), QA Tech on “Batman: Arkham Asylum” (360) for Eidos.


QA Tester at Sega of America, San Francisco, CA                                                   [Nov. 2007-Apr. 2008]

Quality Assurance on “Condemned 2: Bloodshot” (360/PS3), “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood” (DS), and “Pictoimage” (DS).


Environment & Texture Artist NorthStar Studios, Santa Clara, CA                     [Sept. 2007-Oct. 2007]

Environment and Texture Artist paid internship on “The Sustainers”. Unfortunately this game was cancelled and the company went under.


Artist for Solokai, Inc. for Intel, Bay Point, CA                                                                                         [2006]

Texture and lighting on a house set (made for an advertisement concept for a future product of Intel.) Solokai Inc. was contracted by Intel.


Freelance Character Designer & Illustrator, CA                                                                  [2003-Current]

Character design artwork and illustration done for various clients around the world on a by commission basis.




Lead Character Designer for Rex Rey Films, Emeryville, CA                                    [Feb. 2007-Aug. 2007]

Lead Character Designer on “The Day My Soul Became a Star” (animated short.) Also did animatic work, texturing, modeling, and some animation for this project. This film was made for the Make A Wish Foundation.


Motion Capture, Ex’pression College                                                               [November-December 2006]

Captured motion using the Vicon system, cleaned up and applied capture data to my own 3D model using Alias Motion Builder and Maya.


Unreal Tournament 2004 Level (group project), Ex’pression College                                [April-May 2006]

Environment and asset concept and design artwork as well as environment texturing.


Tilt At Windmills (short film/group project), Ex’pression College                                      [March-April 2005]

Storyboarded, co-wrote, shot, directed, edited, and did post-production sound work (including foley, editing, and ADR.) with a group of 5 other students.




Ex’pression College of Digital Art, Emeryville, CA                                                   [Aug. 2004-Jun. 2007]

Bachelor of Applied Science – Animation and Visual Effects, Graduated as Salutatorian.